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Guild Policy

Guild Ethics

Core team members are expected to always sign up to Core events as yes/no/maybe at least 24 hours in advance. (If signing up as a maybe, please leave a comment under the event to explain)

Players that play consistently well may be invited by the leaders to become a core member

Non-core members are welcome to comment their availability under each event and sign up as a Maybe, and the raid leader may bring non-core members at their discretion.

Please be online at least 15 minutes before raid start time for invites to the group. If you are signing up as a backup, please do not feel obliged to wait around if you have better things to do. In most cases, the raid leader should be able to find a replacement somewhere (somehow... maybe...)

Make sure you come to raids well prepared. Bring plenty of potions, food, soul gems and set up your champion points and skill bars for the raid (remember to do quickslots if necessary too) There will most likely be an enchanter/alchemist in the group, but the less time we need to spend crafting, the better. Please also make sure you have your Pathfinders tabard with you! It's important that we work together as a team and that we are focused on getting top scores for Pathfinders.

During raids, please listen to the raid leader and try to maintain focus as best you can. Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for advice, it's best that they get asked so we can all learn something!

If you need help with your build or rotation, please don't hesitate to ask! Everyone is encouraged to take advice/suggestions about their build and rotation, especially as the leaders invest a lot of time in trying to help you improve, so that it helps both you individually and our raiding experience as a whole.

The guild bank is open for all members to use, to deposit/withdraw as they wish (please don't fill it with crap though, or steal everything :P)
The message of the day is also open for all members to edit, and all members are encouraged to update the pledges (if you're up early enough).
Members are also free to create their own events on the calendar

Most importantly, have fun! Playing ESO is all about enjoying ourselves. The reason we play in a raiding guild is because we enjoy the challenging content and challenging ourselves to be better players, so do try your best to be a part of the community, hang out with other members and stuff (You probably have more in common with them than you realise)

Player Expectations

We expect from our active raiders:

- Good survivability. Please try your best not to die, but if you do, try and understand how you died and how you can avoid it in the future.

- A patient and friendly attitude. Please don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for advice, and always try your best to be polite.

- An in-depth knowledge of your class and role. Do plenty of research, always be keen to find out how you can be a better player. Test different gear, try different things, discuss with your guildmates how to improve and read other peoples' builds on the forums to get an idea of what other people are using.

- Arriving to raids on time. Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes before raidtime starts, and come to voice comms promptly